Sorry, I couldn't think up a decent title for the game.

I had a class assignment to make an endless runner game in 2 weeks and... what better way to spend that time than to make it about the ol' fashion phantom thief/police detective chase. Play as Ravenna and try to outrun (your lover) Sydney for as long as you can!

There were a lot more things I wanted to do with this game. Write dialogue that actually led to some form of development, for example. Give them more than just one expression on their sprites. Find a way to make the game stop lagging. I'm too tired now though.

This was my first time making an action  game so there are a lot of mistakes. For one thing, I'm pretty sure it's impossible to get all the dialogue in one go. The bullets are merciless. And I didn't program them to actually let people live so uh... Good luck with that. If you can already beat my meager high score of 2377, you honestly already beat the game.

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This game was really fun and cute!! Thanks for making this!! 





Hello! That's quite a passionate comment. Can I ask what parts of the game glitched on you? Please keep in mind this was a 2 week project I didn't have time to really fine-tune the game. But if it got in the way of your experience, I can look into the problem!


when I was jumping.. but it's fine.. You tried and I was just being a cow. Continue doing work and I'm very sorry