Savor Saber Summer 2022 Demo

Savor Saber 2022 Demo Update!

  • Unlock new fruitant buddies to help you on your adventure!
  • Explore the brand new areas: Beach, Railyard, and Ruined Lab Biomes!
  • Solve environment puzzles with the power hidden within the flavors!
  • New Tutorials and updated UI
  • Updated Dialogue and Cutscenes for Paddle Plains, Salad Swamp, and Dessert Desert 
  • Newly redesigned maps for Salad Swamp and Desert Dessert Biomes
  • New Beach, Railyard, and Ruined Lab Biomes to explore!
  • New Fruitant Buddy System - Summon your fruitant allies during the heat of battle!
  • Skewer System - Empower yourself with Special Bonuses or your fruitant ally by consuming ingredients on your skewer!
  • Flavor Burst Ability - Feed fruitants past their max health to unleash a powerful burst of flavor against the drones in combat!
  • Newly added puzzles in each biome to solve! 
  • NPC Sidequests!

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Jun 28, 2022


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